About The Dandelion Report

Welcome to The Dandelion Report.

This is a bi-weekly newsletter that focuses on giving real time information, hot takes, and insights for entrepreneurs and change makers that don’t want to sleepwalk into the next decade of our society.

Collapse of our way of living is coming in the next 30-50 years (or sooner).

Because of that, focusing on three specific areas of life will help prepare us all to stay happy and thriving in an increasingly unstable world.

The Dandelion Report is broken up into three sections:

  • The Natural World (climate change) and how it will impact our way of life

  • The Economic World (business + finance) and how to continue to make money while building your business

  • The Mental World (the space between the ears) and how humans cope and thrive when chaos is everywhere.

Some have asked about the name.

Have you ever seen a dandelion growing happily in a 1millimeter space between two sidewalk sections in a concrete city?

Dandelions are maddening hardy little weeds that seem to thrive no matter what you do. They can fertilize without pollinators, grow insanely long taproots, reduce competition with other plants, and survive in all kinds of climates.

They are unyielding.

We as creators and entrepreneurs need to be like the dandelion. We may be uprooted in the coming years, but will not yield to the terror and chaos coming in our world.

The word Dandelion simply means… The Lion’s Tooth (due to its serrated edges on it’s green leaves).

We could all use a little lion’s tooth in our lives and businesses.

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GenX Entrepreneur just trying to keep her head thriving in the Anthropocene. 🌎 Writes for entrepreneurs who are interested in climate change, collapse, and how to do business in the midst of it.